Community Volunteer Teacher Programme (CVT Programme)

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The CVT programme is T2T’s flagship programme, developed in partnership with School for Life, Ghana. The programme provides a pathway for ambitious but disadvantaged young people to become Community Volunteer Teachers (CVTs), and a rich learning environment for their students to learn to read, write and think for themselves. T2T’s accelerated learning programme means that CVTs learn to become high-quality teachers, proficient in inclusive and adaptive teaching processes, in just 8 days.

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T2T’s unique and innovative approach mainstreams core CBE methodology, developed by our partners SfL, and adds community teaching approaches, leadership and effective communication techniques. The CVT programme also focusses on safeguarding, disability and community/beneficiary feedback mechanisms. We provide permanent support to our CVTs through a monitoring and networking tool that allows them to share their experiences and results, and to request support and advice from our experienced trainers and the rest of the CVT cohort.


CVTs are trained in adaptive, gender and disability sensitive learning approaches and community-based strategies that create an inclusive educational experience for all their students. Through participation in the programme, CVTs become agents of change in their local communities.

“Teach2Teach International is a force for good in the world and the Community Volunteer Teacher programme is making real change in Northern Ghana.”


Mary Chinery-Hesse, Chancellor of the University of Ghana

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“One striking impact is the feeling of contributing to the educational development of my community. Most girls in the community now see me as a role model and look up to me for guidance. My presence in the classroom now gives hope to a lot of hopeless girls who felt education was for boys alone. It has also motivated most parents to enrol their young girls in school.”


Mumuni Balkisu, CVT

Transforming lives by training unemployed young people to be teachers of excellence in their local communities

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