The Cultural Exchange Programm  (CEP) is an annual programme that provides a platform for Danish and Ghanaian participants to get a closer understanding of the two cultures in order to inform the Danish Public about the Ghanaian society, living conditions and culture as well as GV´s development work in Ghana and their activities in Denmark.


Another important purpose is to disseminate knowledge about School for Life in Denmark with specific emphasis on the School for Life methodology and how is greatly impacting lives and providing a leap to functional literacy in Northern Ghana.


Up to 4 participants from each country are selected to participate in the programme, with participants usually drawn from School for Life and other GDCA subsidiary programmes.


The Ghanaians will stay in Denmark for 3 weeks where they will get a general picture of the society and culture. The same exercise is replicated with a visit by the Danes to Ghana, where there are hosted by their Ghanaian counterparts.