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Strengthening local civil society


“Empowerment for Life” is implemented in partnership with GDCA, Youth Empowerment for Life and Ghana Friends. The program that integrates all the thematic focus areas; education, hunger, poverty reduction and youth empowerment.


The program is supported by Danida, and is now in its third phase, since its start in 2010.


The overall goal is to strengthen 240 community groups and organizations to facilitate social, political and economic development processes and ensuring people’s rights.


A keyword in the Danish civil society strategy is good governance. In the Empowerment for Life program, we work with good governance at two levels:


  1. Internally in the civil society groups and organizations that we directly support. We strengthen the different groups' organizational capacity to become well-functioning and transparent organizations so they are legitimate representatives on behalf of the interest groups they represent. Citizens who organize themselves into responsible and representative civil society groups receive greater respect and responsiveness, thus increasing their impact on relevant authorities.


  1. Externally on the public system of local governance, which is responsible for planning and delivering public services such as education, health and infrastructure. We work through the local civil society groups which are made aware of what tasks and responsibilities the local government has towards its citizens on various areas. By assisting the local civil society groups dialogue with about bility to monitor the authorities’ implementation of their obligations and responsibilities, we strengthen the local governance system. Areas of particular interest are for example, that all children have access to schooling and appropriate education facilities, that there is sufficient infrastructure for people to move about safely and transport agricultural products to local markets, etc.

Empowerment for Life Documentary

Watch how we try to strenghten local CBOs to become strong and vibrant organisations who promote change in Northern Ghana.

Empwerment for Life

Giving access to quality education

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