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Strengthening Community Participation in Elections (SCOPE)

Funded by STAR-Ghana

Funded by STAR-Ghana through NORSAAC/ILGS/NCCE/GDCA Alliance

GH¢ 35,000

April to december 2016

Key results

  • Voters in project area acquire improved voting skill to reduce number of rejected ballots

  • CBOs have observed elections to improve quality of elections

Modeling Participatory Governance in Ghana

Funded by STAR-Ghana

January to December 2014 ​

GH¢ 124,418

Key results:

  • Capacities of youth, women and PWD groups enhanced to prepared action plans for presenting to MMDAs

  • Inputs from groups incorporated in MMDA Medium-term Plans

GDCA Sustainability Project

Funded by STAR-Ghana

January to December 2014

GH¢ 205,450

Key results

  • Capacities of Board and Management enhanced in strategic management

  • Resource Mobilisation strategy developed

  • Resource Mobilization Committee established

  • Alliances and coalition building strengthened

Supporting Women’s Participation in Elections in Northern Region

Funded by EU

June 2010 to September 2013

EUR 264,000

Key results

  • 90 women profiled and enhanced capacities to stand for local elections.

  • Enhanced skills of women aspirants to campaign and canvas for votes

CBO Empowerment Project I and II

Funded by Ghana Friends/Danida

2004 to 2009

USD 250,000

Key results

  • CBO Network established in 19 Districts

  • 600 CBOs capacities to engage local authorities improved

Community Empowerment for participation in natural resources and environmental governance

Funded by Kasa/CARE International

January to December 2009

GH¢ 50,000

Key results:

  • Documentation of practices with sand and gravel mining

  • Community Action plans and engagement with MMDAs for reclamation of degraded lands from sand and gravel mining

  • Communities engage chiefs and local leaders on management of natural resources

Enhancing community participation in oil and gas governance

Funded by Ghana Research and Advocacy Programme (G-RAP)

January to December 2009

USD 50,000

Key results:

  • Awareness of communities on discovery of oil gas in Northern Ghana enhanced

  • Communities contribute to debates on the development of oil and gas policies and legislation

  • Communities prepare action plans to engage MMDAs for development projects in their communities

Enhanced capacities of local organizations and NGOs for political and social development

Rights and Voice Initiative (RAVI)

2006 - 2008

USD 150,000

Key results

  • Capacities of ten CBOs and local NGOs enhanced to initiate and lead community development efforts

  • Capacities of ten CBOs and local organizations in basic organizational processes and systems improved

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