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Unlocking Potential: The Impact of the Learners Board Model on Learners Empowerment

The Pong Tamale Experimental primary school was like any other school, until the introduction of the Learners Board concept. The concept was based on the principle that individuals who are affected by a decision, possess expertise regarding the decision, and are responsible for implementing the decision, should be involved in making the decision.

At first, the learners were hesitant to take on this new responsibility. They were used to the traditional top-down approach to decision-making and were unsure of how to participate in the process. However, as the school authorities began to introduce the concept, the learners gradually became more open to discussing issues with the school authorities.

"Learners in Pong Tamale Experimental primary school can now walk boldly to the headteachers to discuss about their problems and helping to maintain discipline in the schools and also propose solutions to School management on problems identified," said the assistant headteacher.

He also added that the Learner's Boards have been able to develop action plans that guide their activities, and monitoring made by the E4L team reveal that they follow the activities they stated to implement.

The introduction of the Learners Board concept has had a significant impact on the school.

How the Learner Boards Benefit pupils

  1. The learners are now more confident in their ability to participate in decision-making

  2. Learners now take more responsibility for their own learning and the school's overall well-being.

  3. Parents and community leaders now understand and appreciate the value of education

  4. The Boards also foster the spirit of collective participation and decision-making in schools and communities.

The assistant headteacher concluded by adding that, Learners still have a lot of things to make them more confident, these achievements are no less an achievement considering where they are coming from.

The Pong Tamale Experimental Primary school serves as a shining example of how empowering learners can lead to positive change in education. By giving learners a voice, the school has been able to create a more inclusive and effective learning environment for all.

Watch an inspirational documentary on the Learners Board model

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May 02

School for Life dedication to promoting education is truly commendable. By empowering individuals through education, you are not only enriching their lives but also contributing to the development and prosperity of our society as a whole. Keep up the excellent work!

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