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Ghana Education Outcomes Project


The Ghana Education Outcome Project (GEOP) is a sub-component (sub-component 2.4) of the Ghana Accountability for Learning Outcomes Project (GALOP). The objective is to strengthen support for schools and out-of-School-Children (OOSC) through education outcomes funding (EOF)”. The Ministry of Education (MOE) supported by the World Bank and the Education Outcomes Fund, (EOF), has designed the project to, among others,:


  1.  Support out-of-school children (OOSC), in districts which have the highest number of OOSC, to transition into mainstream primary education; and

  2.  Improve learning in mainstream schools (a sub-set of GALOP Schools in the districts with highest number of OOSC)  targeting literacy and numeracy improvements at the end of primary grades 2 and 4 (P2 & P4).


School for Life, through the School for Life-Rising Education Outcomes Partnership, is implementing Lot 3 and Lot 6 of the greater GEOP in ten districts of the Northern and Oti regions of Ghana with support form Bridges Fund Management (Our social investor).

In the next four years (2023-2027), School for Life and Rising Academy Network-SL, will work together to offer an alternative learning programme to 18,000 out-of-school children in the Northern and Oti regions and transition them into mainstream schools whilst providing support for their retention, and implement the Rising Academy Model in 170 selected GALOP schools with the aim of improving learning gains in literacy and numeracy over the course of the project.

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