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Equity and Sustainable Development for all in Ghana


School for Life is currently implementing the Empowerment for Life Programme in partnership with GDCA, YEfL Ghana, CLIP and Ghana Friends. The program integrates the thematic focus areas; Education, Governance, Food Security, livelihood, poverty reduction and Youth empowerment.


The program is supported by CISU/Danida, and is now in its fourth phase, since its start in 2010.

It is implemented in 5 districts in Ghana’s Northern Region: Mion, Kumbungu, Saboba, Karaga and Savelugu-Nanton.


Overall, the project seeks to ensure that Civil Society Organisations contribute to improved distribution and use of resources in education.  The specific objectives are:


  1. ​Partners organize civil society to push for increased funding and effective implementation of education pro-poor policies​

  2. School governance has become more inclusive, transparent and accountable; and education resources are used more effectively

  3. ​New education methodologies are promoted for improved learning outcomes

  4. ​Girls and young women have better education opportunities 


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