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Enhancing Advocacy and Policy Influencing Efforts at the National level

In July and August, SfL stepped up its national level advocacy and policy influencing efforts by holding series of strategic engagement meetings with key institutions including the Parliamentary Select Committee on Education, the Ministry of Education (MoE) and Selected Media Houses.

A delegation from SfL met with the parliamentary select committee during their monthly committee meetings with majority of the membership present. Discussions focused on the infrastructural deficits in most of the communities across the 5 regions of the north, and the gaps in terms of government financing of the CBE programme.

Similar issues were raised in a meeting with the Deputy Minister of Education Rev. John Ntim Fordjour, and some Technical Advisors at the Ministry of Education.

The Discussions with the stakeholders have been very positive.

They expressed excitements for these kinds of engagements and indicated their commitments to take actions on the issues raised. The MoE for instance highlight the plans that underway to address the school infrastructure deficits across the country. The ministry also assured SfL of their continuous support to the course of CBE implementation in the country and pledged to bring to reality Government pledge of allocating 1% of the basic education budget to CBE financing in the country.

The Parliamentary Select Committee on its part gave the assurance that, they will engage the Minister of Education on the status of the CBE financing. They also promised to engage the relevant stakeholder on the development of a comprehensive basic education infrastructure policy to ensure a more equitable provision of school infrastructure in the country.

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