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CLEAR Partners Address Weak Education Delivery

As part of the implementation of the Citizen-led Action for Educational Accountability and Responsiveness in Ghana (CLEAR) Project, a baseline validation and reflection workshop was held in the month of August to enhance shared understanding among project actors in respect of the project targets and the baseline findings.

The baseline assessment among other things established the state of affairs of education delivery in the project districts. The key issues of focus were; the few number and weak capacity of citizen groups to demand accountability from district education authorities, , low awareness levels of citizen groups about relevant educational policies and structures, weak understanding of educational policies, working relationships between citizens and education sector structures (duty bearers) at the district level and community levels.

Mobilization of a total of 180 citizens groups including youth groups across 60 communities from the six (6) operation districts, who have already started documenting the varied issues that affect quality education provision in these districts.

Partners also reflected and shared ideas on ways to overcome public sector institutional bureaucracy and to engender friendly spaces for engagement with the duty bearers.

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